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Gram of the Day from #Repost @humanandhorsenz. ・・・ 2 days ago we emerged from the wilderness to find ourselves in a very different world to the one we left a month ago. With the chaos, and pandemonium COVID-19 has caused all over the world, our news feeds are full of dire posts brimming with fear and uncertainty as humanity races to try and stay ahead of this new foe. One thing that keeps popping up is the importance of social distancing and self isolation during this time often evoking images of being locked indoors, trapped from the outside world. After nearly 6 months on the trail, exploring the wild places of New Zealand, living out of our little pack pony far away from civilisation, we realised we've accidentally become somewhat experts in isolation and have experienced first hand all the joy, introspection and connection with nature that entails. Weve never been happier, healthier or more connected with ourselves and the wider natural world around us. Social distancing perhaps the perfect excuse to grab your horse/dog/partner get out and do that hike you've always wanted to do, to blow the dust off your mountain bike and head to the mountains or to simply go for a walk armed with a good book and a blanket for under the tree. Have a date with yourself. Switch off your devices, leave your anxiety at the door and remember how incredibly lucky we are to have access to so much natural beauty all around us. So amongst all the doom and gloom, we'd like to share few photos of our last few weeks in isolation, loving every minute of it 🙂 #horsenation #goriding #rewild #livewild #backcountry #packtrip #nature #exploration #isolation #ecotherapy #adventuretherapy #dreamyponies

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