US Equestrian Seeks Endurance Affiliate Association

USEF seeks expressions of interest for an endurance recognized affiliate.

Lexington, KY (March 16, 2020) – In January 2019, the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) announced the termination of their affiliate agreement with US Equestrian (USEF). The termination took effect December 1, 2019.

USEF today announced that they’re accepting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from organizations interested in being the new Endurance affiliate association.

“The [USEF] and Affiliate relationship should be mutually beneficial and one resulting in opportunities to promote equestrian sport, introduce the sport to new audiences, increase participation and competitive excellence. There exists tremendous opportunity to grow the discipline of Endurance in the United States and we hope to partner with an organization in efforts to promote the distinctiveness of this discipline, which emphasizes equine fitness without compromising the health, well-being and safety of horse and rider [while representing] a community-oriented activity that raises awareness about the importance of land preservation,” said USEF CEO Bill Moroney in a statement.

Recognized affiliate associations collaborate with the USEF to develop and grow equestrian sport within the association’s discipline. Affiliate associations represent, shape and foster discipline growth and promote policies concerning equine and human welfare through SafeSport and clean sport initiatives. USEF affiliation offers associations access to resources and processes aiding in providing fairness, safety and a level playing field. USEF affiliation also gives associations an expanded reach, allowing them to reach new audiences and build awareness. Affiliate associations, meanwhile, help the USEF fulfill its mission to provide access to and increase participation in equestrian sports at all levels by ensuring fairness, safety and enjoyment.

Associations interested in becoming the affiliate association for Endurance can find the EOI packet here. EOIs must be submitted through the online form inside the packet – all submissions must be made by 5 PM (EST), Monday, April 6, 2020. Questions about the application process must be directed to [email protected].