#TGIF, by Flexible Fit Equestrian: Free Fallin’

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon sing an anthem to horse girls everywhere.

There was nothing that my 13-year-old self loved more than hanging out with my friends, jamming along to Tom Petty (may he rest in peace), except perhaps horses (big surprise, right?). So, of course my favorite set of lyrics was the opening lines to “Free Fallin.'” I can’t be alone here. Who didn’t love belting out those opening lines?

“She’s a good girl, loves her mamma
Loves Jesus and America, too
She’s a good girl, crazy bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too…”

Well, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon totally get that. There must have been a horse crazy girl in one of their lives at some point, because they offered this spoof of the famous song in their First Drafts of Rock series.

This homage to both Tom Petty and horse girls everywhere will have you thinking back to the days of your youth (or your parents’ youth) when you sat in your room with friends listening to Petty. It’ll also have you looking forward to the weekend, knowing exactly what will be on your playlist as you drive away from work, free for a blissful two days.

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

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