Tidbits from Banixx: Clipping Tips From a Pro!

So you want to clip your horse? Here are some pro tips on how to go about it.

Photo courtesy of Banixx

As you prepare to clip your horse, be sure to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for the task. Here are some tips that may help to make it a smooth process.

1. Organize equipment, supplies etc. Are the blades clean, sharp and oiled? Do you have backup blades? Blade wash? Clipper oil? Something safe to stand on?

2. In advance, wash the horse thoroughly with a residue-free shampoo—such as Banixx Medicated Shampoo. A dirty horse will not clip well and it may cause pain.

3. Once dry, select a quiet area with low activity and arrange for sedation, beforehand, if needed.

4. Don’t get into a fight with your horse, and allow for plenty of time.

5. Turn on the clippers (away from the horse) and familiarize your horse with the noise. Depending on his experience, run the clippers gently but firmly on less sensitive areas of his body (it may be his shoulder) so that he knows what to expect.

6. Monitor your horse for mood changes and areas of sensitivity. Check blades every 10-15 minutes for heat and take a break to cool them off; this also allows your horse a chance to relax.

7. At these breaks, apply blade-wash as a coolant and cleaner for the blades-don’t be stingy! And re-apply blade/clipper oil to keep the clippers working well.

8. When complete, wash the horse to get rid of clipper oil and hair. Washing with Banixx Medicated Shampoo will not dry out the horse’s skin nor irritate. If any areas are irritated apply Banixx Wound Care Cream.

***If this is your first time, consider having a buddy for extra help and safety.

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