Catch a Ride, Catch a Rider: Catch-Rider Is a New Job Site Just for Equestrians

Find out what’s shaking up the equine industry when it comes to jobs, finding perfect fits and catch-riders.

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Written by Megan Cahak

The process of finding qualified applicants for employment roles as stable managers, ranch hands or catch-riders has always been a straightforward word-of-mouth model: if you knew the right people, you found the perfect employee. It was an old-fashioned method many in the equestrian industry are familiar with and trust because it worked for a long time.

But things have changed. Now when equestrian professionals begin searching for someone who knows how to work with horses and is dedicated to working hard, that traditional method hasn’t been as efficient.

Why, you ask. It’s because word-of-mouth can only take you as far as your internal network can, and your best candidate may no longer be within arm’s reach.

Social media platforms opened all doors of communication, exploding worldwide networking opportunities — turning our internal networks into international connections.

So, what does that mean for talented riders who don’t know the right people? They struggle to find work.

Up-and-coming stables also suffer. The new way of searching for the right people through Facebook or even Google doesn’t always put suitable candidates in front of them, making it hard to fill their positions.

When it comes down to it, traditional digital job searches cannot guarantee the right person or position to magically appear, leaving professional equestrians’ careers up to chance.

That’s why you see niche-specific job sites popping up all over the world wide web — because busy professionals would never leave their livelihood up to chance. Getting talented riders in reputable barns or matching perfect employees to their dream job is a real need.

Just as online job boards changed how corporations recruited their employees in the early 2000s, Catch Rider is transforming the way of doing things in the equine job market with tools built for the modern candidate who uses their digital social network much like the industry used to leverage the word-of-mouth method.

Photo provided by Entrigue Consulting

Catch Rider was explicitly designed with the equestrian job market in mind.

Searching for a job is one of the most critical searches in a person’s life. Jobs impact where people live, who they socialize with and the very trajectory of their lives.

While Facebook is convenient, keep in mind that their only concern is with the user’s experience. That means the jobs people see are based on digital habits and previous activity — not necessarily what works best for that user or the industry they want to be in.

Equestrians don’t have a lot of options. So, they return to the word-of-mouth method which looks like a lot of cold calling, maybe stalking social profiles, or posting ISO (in search of) pleas in groups.

With no direction or vague job descriptions on social media, people working or looking in the horse industry often find themselves in a precarious situation where an employee overpromises their ability to do the job, or an employer doesn’t hold up their end of the salary agreement.

Catch Rider is formalizing the process of finding great work. Using a niche-specific job board allows an employer to detail the scope of work and expectations while allowing the candidate to properly get in touch with the right people. It not only simplifies the hiring process, but it also speeds it up.

With Catch Rider, both riders and employers are able to make profiles, providing a detailed listing about themselves. Riders can post pictures and videos along with a write-up about their experience, making a visual resume online.

Business profiles can tell a future employee who they are, what the job entails, the type of worker that will fill their needs, and more.

Catch Rider is a one-stop-shop for all things job-related in the equine industry. From holiday pet sitting to assistant trainers and braiders of all disciplines, it’s quickly becoming the “must-have” platform for job seekers and job listers alike.

Photo provided by Entrigue Consulting

If you’re using Facebook to hire or get hired, you’re putting valuable eggs in a basket with holes in it.

It’s equally hard for trainers and riders alike to find the perfect fit, and everyone should be using every means necessary to find what they’re looking for. Wouldn’t you like to find the perfect job or perfect employee on the first try, rather than the fifth try?

Catch Rider is here to improve the way equestrians hire and get hired. Since the need from our community for a platform like this is strong, they’re offering an entire year of free membership. When you sign up, use the code “letsride”.

Because when it comes down to it, getting hired because of your talent, experience, and willingness to do the work will always be the selling point to employers. And trust, a good reputation, and stability will always trump a witty Facebook business page.

Megan Cahak is a creative copywriter and owner of a copywriting company specializing in supporting small business growth online and in real life. She’s a woman on a mission to make readers laugh and put her 18 years of equine knowledge to work by writing contagious content that boosts business growth. Conveniently, her equine clients also give her an easy excuse to horse around as much as possible. When she’s not riding, you’ll find her writing, chasing kids, boating, or spending time with her family. If you have questions about equestrian marketing or advertising, reach out to Entrigue at

Photo courtesy of Entrigue Consulting.