Best of JN: 4 Consignment Shops for Equestrians

Looking for one of the best ways to outfit you and your pony on a budget (well, kind of a budget)? Check out our favorite online consignment shops.

It is no secret that horses are expensive. Every aspect of these creatures costs money and, so far, I have not found a way to cheat the system. The closest I have come to finding a cheat code is consignment shopping. I am constantly on the hunt for pre-loved products that will be new-to-me! I am here to save your pocketbook and share with you some of my favorite online equestrian treasure chests.

  1. The Tried Equestrian

I have visited this site so much that it is a favorite on my computer. The Tried Equestrian is a hot-spot for getting those high-end brand labels at low-end price tags. You can get fully show outfitted from this website alone! One of my favorite tabs on this website is “breeches,” featuring many “like new” condition Equiline, Animo, Struck and the like. Also, this website frequently gives out customer appreciation discount codes!

  1. TackTackRoom

Like many fellow equestrians, I have a tack hoarding problem. I cannot stop myself from buying that beautiful girth or unique bit. Don’t get me started on bridles. I have more bridles than I do horses! The TackTackRoom has helped me satisfy this desire without breaking the bank. This website has a wide variety of “like new” and “well-loved” products for you to choose from. I find TackTackRoom to have products listed at a steal of a price!

  1. Tack Envy Equine

Tack Envy Equine is a female-owned and operated consignment business, offering both accessories for you and your four-legged partner. Tack Envy Equine is constantly updating inventory and provides excellent customer service, answering questions, comments and messages almost instantly. They frequently offer Animo products and are a great place to get a nearly-new and unique show coat for a fraction of the price.

  1. The Peddling Pony Equestrian Consignment

As a frequent Facebooker, I can appreciate the ease in using my social media to access shopping. The Peddling Pony Equestrian Consignment page offers a variety of products, typically in-season. They just posted some beautiful quarter sheets, just-in-time for that winter chill! Here you can outfit yourself and your equine partner for a fraction of the price and may even find some original tags still in-tact!

Consignment shops really are a blessing. Not only can you get more bang for your buck, but also many shops will take your pre-loved products for consignment to find a new, lucky owner. Get your computer out and browse those online consignment stores and find a brick-and-mortar consignment store near you. Happy buying and even happier selling!