SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Blanketing Your Horse

To blanket or not to blanket? That is the question. When do I blanket? What blanket should I use? Those are also great questions, and the answers aren’t always simple. Fortunately, SmartPak is here to help.

Every year, as the temperatures begin to drop and the threat of winter looms near, the great blanket debate begins. People post articles about why horses should or should not be blanketed, some getting rather passionate about their stance. But if you’re like me and you just want your horse to be comfortable, safe and not burn too many oh-so-necessary calories on staying warm, you’re often left wondering what the best solution actually is for your horse.

Thankfully, SmartPak — as always — is here to help with their rather comprehensive catalog of free resources available to horse owners. In this excerpt from Ask the Vet, SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Medical Director and Staff Veterinarian, discuss when it’s appropriate to blanket a horse based on factors such as the horse’s body condition, overall well-being and temperature.

If you’re not sure about blanketing, check out SmartPak’s Ultimate Blanketing Guide. You can also download the SmartPak blanketing app.

Go SmartPak and go riding!