Everyone Loves a Good Meme

Everyone loves a good meme, right? Or is it just me?

I won’t lie, I really enjoy a good meme that takes social media by storm. Whether it be Grumpy Cat (may he rest in peace), Success Kid or the Erhmahgerd Girl, a solid picture with some witty text always makes me chuckle. Maybe I’m just simple, but it certainly makes my social media experiences seem a bit more worthwhile.

This especially has been true recently with the flood of memes of the woman yelling at the cat. Most of the adaptations of this meme have made me smile, but the equine-related ones have been downright funny (if not a little wrong).

So, in an attempt to brighten your day, here is a collection of some of our favorite memes of the woman yelling at the salad cat. Be forewarned, some of the language (or abbreviations) are NSFW, so proceed with caution… and a hearty sense of humor.


Have you seen a favorite that we’ve missed? Feel free to post them in the Facebook comments section.

Go riding!