The 5 Socks You Need in Your Drawer, Presented by Draper Therapies

Socks are the unsung, unseen heroes of equestrian riding attire, capable of making (or breaking) your day. Here are five socks you need to have in your drawer.

From L to R: Noble Outfitters Best Dang Boot Sock, Foot Huggies, Heat Holders, JoJo Sox, Draper Body Therapy® Walking Socks

Best Tall Boot Sock: Noble Outfitters Best Dang Boot Sock

If you’re going to come right out and call yourself the “best dang boot sock,” you better be able to put your money where your mouth is! Features include a padded foot bed that runs from toe to heel, a mesh panel that adds extra breathability to the already moisture-wicking fabric which is great on even the hottest days, and a compression band that goes around the foot at the arch that is wonderful for folks with high arches but also helps hold the socks in place. Our reviewer, Michelle Wadley, says, “They aren’t lying. I am now the proud owner of three pairs of these socks, and I am sold.” Read our review here.

Best Sock for Showing Your Hunter/Jumper Pride: Foot Huggies

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your sport on your foot! These sporty socks are as high-functioning as they are fun. From our reviewer, Amy Nelson: “I adore the fact that you can wear your discipline with pride, right on your socks! The best part about Foot Huggies is they do exactly what they promise — they hug your foot. They have wonderful support and cushion for walking your course, but they are lean enough to fit in your boots without additional bulk.” Read our review here.

Best Winter Sock: Heat Holders

Said to be ‘the warmest thermal socks,’ Heat Holders are over seven times warmer than traditional cotton socks, and over three times warmer than other kinds of thermal socks. An intense brushing of the interior maximizes the amount of warm air that is held in the socks. And the brushed soft inside also makes them comfortable to wear — all day. We like that there are no batteries or heat packs to fuss around with either … just plain old socks for keeping warm. Pair them with muck boots or country boots. From our reviewer, Colleen Peachy: “The brushed soft insides of the socks just made my feet feel absolutely cozy. Like they were being cocooned by clouds. Or cotton balls. Or something really fluffy and comfy. Basically, I felt like I was walking on a cloud.” Read our review here.

Best Stylish Sock: JoJo Sox 

Alas, though their fate is to be hidden underneath a pair of boots, socks can be sassy in their own right. While many of the designs are equestrian inspired, JoJo Sox also offers many other patterns as well–ranging from geometric, artistic, and even nature themed. Our reviewer, Amy Nelson, says, “The day that I tried on my first pair of JoJo Sox, I remember thinking that that my feet looked like they were having their own fiesta. Seriously. Color. Explosion.” Read our review here.

Best Trainer Sock: Draper Body Therapy® Walking Socks

Trainers are on their feet allllll dayyy long. From walking courses to coaching, they need a sock that can work as hard as they do. These socks were originally designed for diabetics but are great for anyone who has foot discomfort. These therapeutic socks are not only comfortable and non-binding, but also promote a temporary increase in local blood flow thanks to a 70% Celliant polyester composition in the foot. Our reviewer, Leslie Wylie, says, “I’m not a trainer, but as an equestrian sports journalist I spend a lot of time on my feet. Shooting photos ringside for hours can leave you shifting back and forth from foot to foot, counting down the hours until I can kick up my feet. These socks keep my feet comfy from the time the first horse canters through the start flags until the final horses clears the final jump.”

Draper Therapies is proud to produce the highest quality products featuring Celliant®, the first technology of its kind to be designated by the FDA as a medical device. Celliant is shown to increase tissue oxygenation by eight percent, which helps the body recover faster from physical activity as well as increase energy, endurance, stamina, and performance. To learn more about Draper Therapies and Celliant, visit