Équilibre Introduces Horse-Friendly Skincare Cosmetics for Equestrians

The new brand donates a portion of sales to non-profit equine organizations.

Équilibre, a brand-new cosmetics company, has launched its first line of skincare products, all created specifically to meet an equestrian’s needs—defending against the elements, yet nourishing at the same time. The body lotion, face cream, and hand cream were also developed with horses in mind; all Équilibre cosmetics have a non-greasy feel, and are lightly scented with organic essences from lavender and rose geranium. Lavender is scientifically proven to provide a calming effect for both humans and equines.

Founded by Tara Kassey-Kedzia, an equestrian of more than 25 years, Équilibre is for riders, by a rider. The creams and lotions are made from top-quality, active ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, and extracts from Tara tree fruit and red algae. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Équilibre is also committed to giving back to the horse community, and they donate 5% of profits to equine rescues and charities. Each product’s packaging displays a sticker showing which organization is supported by that purchase.

Équilibre products are starting to appear in tack stores around the world. For more information about the brand, to find retailers, or for tack stores interested in placing an order, visit www.equilibre-cosmetics.com.

Read more about the products below.

The face cream’s quick-absorbing formula aids in defense and hydration, while also smoothing skin. Made from high-quality ingredients like red algae & Tara tree fruit extracts, meadowfoam seed oil & shea butter, and amino acids extracted from sugar beets, Équilibre face cream acts as a barrier against environmental irritants.

Photo courtesy of Équilibre Cosmetics.

The hand cream ismade from premium ingredients like red algae & Tara tree fruit extracts, Squalane derived from olive oil, plus a special moisturizing blend of natural sugars, urea, and hyaluronic acid. Équilibre hand cream was carefully designed to defend hands without leaving greasy or sticky residue that can affect a rider’s grip.

Photo courtesy of Équilibre Cosmetics.

Équilibre body lotion nourishes dry and irritated skin. The special formula is comprised of red algae & Tara tree fruit extracts, refined oil from macadamia nuts, and butter extracted from cocoa beans, so it provides protection against the elements and hydrates at the same time.

Photo courtesy of Équilibre Cosmetics.

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