Product Review: Banixx

As equestrians, we’re always looking for effective ways to treat our horses’ wounds and skin issues. Banixx is effective in both realms.

Photo by Jimmie Schramm.

Everyone is always looking for the best product to kill fungus, scratches and the dreaded crud on our horse’s legs. We are also always searching for a cream or salve to heal our horses wounds and scrapes as quickly as possible. How nice would it be if these products existed and we knew they worked? Enter Banixx!

Let’s just start with the Banixx Medicated Shampoo. There is a long list of what this shampoo can treat: rain rot, scratches, sweet itch, cannon karatosis (cannon bone crud). The beauty of this medicated shampoo is that there are no detergents in the ingredients, which is what leaves your horse’s skin dry and flakey. Instead it uses surfactants, these lower the surface tension of water which makes the molecules less likely to stick to themselves and more likely to interact with oils or dirt and grease.

The shampoo is also infused with sea-sourced amino acids that repair damage to your horse’s hair and are also gentle on the skin. Banixx Medicated Shampoo is non-toxic; you will not find paraben, sulfate, alcohol, or soap. This is a very healthy option to try when tackling the crud!

Next the Banixx Wound Care Cream is safe and is an effective skin infection and wound treatment. This cream is good for scratches, wounds, cuts, rashes, ringworm, sweet itch and dermatitis.

Not dissimilar to the medicated shampoo, the wound care cream also contains sea sourced amino acids and is non-toxic. One thing I like most about this wound cream is that it is very light in feel, not think or heavy, this helps keep the wounds clean and creates an invisible cover to protect the wound.

I have included two examples from my own testing. The first is from a horse that got properly kicked in the field — he ended up needing staples and was incredibly sore and banged up. I used both the Banixx Medicated Shampoo as well as the Banixx Wound Care Cream.

The vet told me I would need to have the staples in for 10 days. After using the Banixx products every day we were able to take the staples out 3 days early because of how well the wounds looked. Needless to say, I am very happy with these results.

Kick wound before and after Banixx. Photos by Jimmie Schramm.

The second example is from a horse that is currently on stall rest and has been getting a little bit of crud on the fronts of her legs. For this horse I used the Banixx Medicated Shampoo and the Banixx Bacterial and Fungal Spray. This was sorted in literally three days. Now this case was not as bad as some are, but I can see that with how fast and how well this worked for this particular horse that it would be brilliant with tougher cases.

Before and after Banixx use. Photos by Jimmie Schramm.

If you weren’t already sold on using the Banixx products, here is some other cool information. All of these products can be used on dogs and cats as well! Considering that most of us horse people are multi pet homes, it is nice to have products that can be used on all of our animals. I know that we all hear this often, “try this product it will change your life,” but seriously, TRY these products! They will change your life, as well as make for happier, healthier pets!

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