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Gram of the Day from @rjsteinphotography. ・・・ old man with sunflowers _________ The BLM is still rounding up the beloved Onaqui Wild Horses. There have been 203 rounded up as of 9/18/2019’s posted Gather Report. Per their site, roughly 200 horses from the mountains are being targeted but they are going back out again today. Gather updates by the BLM will be posted at: http://bit.ly/Onaqui. __________ Thankfully, Old Man is a part of the main herd which is not being targeted so he can enjoy another day of freedom amongst the sunflowers in the Great Basin Desert. However, kindred stallions, mares, and foals of the outlying bands are not so fortunate. Imagine that you are minding your own business when suddenly a terrifying sound approaches. You don’t know what it is. It comes closer and closer and you start running—blindly and terrified to escape the predator above you. It’s the sound of a helicopter. Your legs hurt, you lose sight of your family and heart pounds almost to death. You run. You are pushed to almost to death only to find yourself corralled into a tight space when you only knew wide open spaces and freedom. You are separated from your kids wondering if they survived. Captured. That is what is happening this week with these wild and beautiful souls. Stay strong loved ones. I’m sending love, support and telling the world what is happening to you. This terror that will haunt you this week can’t break your spirit or how so many people will keep advocating for you. __________ Please share and tag someone who doesn’t know as well as calmly and respectfully call your representatives in Washington at 202-224-3121 to #betheirvoice. @freewildhorses has provided a great script to use. _________ RJSteinPhotography country + city www.rjsteinphotography.com _________ #rjsteinphotography #onaquimountainwildhorses #raw_horses #splendid_animals #horseslaughter #horse #mustangs #oldmanfanclub #blm #wildwest #horseaddict #nature #slc #saveonaqui #horsesofinstagram #wildhorses #pony #ig_photooftheday #ig_masterpiece #wildhorsepc #savethewildlife #horsephotography #natgeo #wildhorsepc #publiclands #mylifematters #roundup #goriding

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