Pining, A Poem

Aspiring poet and sketch artist Lilian Albert brings us another set of musings, this time in quatrains.

How long have I been here,
How long have I stayed?
Longing for you to be near,
Wondering how far I’ve strayed.

Wishing I could sit upon your back,
Feel your muscles beneath me,
What is it that I lack,
What is it I cannot see?

Why can I not see you,
Why am I so blind?
Why can’t I just see through,
And so relieve my mind?

Am I destined never again,
To brush my hand across your side.
To perish in this cold rain,
And never know your pride?

But something moves through the mist,
Arched neck, flagged tail.
Is my time over to endure this?
It is you, charging through the dale.

I jump on your back,
You gallop away.
My beautiful black,
Now I shall be with you every day.

Lilian Albert is 14 years old. She loves horses — she rides them, writes about them and draws them.

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