Gray Malin Brings a Whimsical Look to Icelandic Horses

Artist Gray Malin captures the beauty, individuality and playfulness of Icelandic Horses in his new series.

Crimson Colt

Iceland is a country known for its natural beauty and, among equestrians, its unique and carefully guarded breed of horses.

Developed from ponies taken to Iceland by Norse settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries, this special breed has been able to remain free from outside influence for over 1000 due to Iceland’s prohibition against importing horses. Icelandic horses are known for being sturdy, relatively unflappable mounts while still having spirited temperaments and large personalities

The beauty of Icelandic horses is undeniable, and photographer Gray Malin recognizes this and portrays it using his own unique lens.

Malin is best known for his vivid, colorful aerials, editorial photography and animal portraits from around the world. For his new series, Malin drew inspiration from Iceland’s dramatic landscape and the horses’ beautiful, flowing manes.

Shot on a remote farm in Southwestern Iceland, Malin worked with a celebrity hairstylist and local horse farmer to create a whimsical series of portraits using various wigs, sewn together to create distinctive hairstyles and personalities for each horse. The series celebrates the beauty of the horses, with a unique, playful twist.

When asked about the series, Malin said, “Working with Icelandic horses was an incredible and challenging experience. I’ve been captivated by this breed since I first saw a picture of them, majestic in their form and beautifully wild with their unique long hair. To accomplish this series, I worked with a horse farmer and celebrity hairstylist to bring to life a unique personality for each of the horses, allowing the entire concept to feel playful and whimsical. It was challenging with the unexpected weather and high winds, but I could not be happier with the result and the rare opportunity I had to work with this bread of horse.”

Take a look at some of Malin’s pieces from this series:

Flower Power

Divine Equine

Disco Diva

Mod Bob

The Bombshell

Like what you see? You can view more of Malin’s work at his website.

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