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Gram of the Day from @kelseydoesthederby. ・・・ “How do I follow your progress in the race?!” . This is it friends! The post you’ve all been waiting for! To keep an eye on me while I’m on the steppe, you’ll want to look in the following places: . 1) Right here on Instagram! Follow @mongolderby. You should turn on post & story notifications so you don’t miss anything! Instagram is going to be the star of the show this year and that’s where the bulk of updates will be. . 2) www.theadventurists.com/adventures/mongol-derby! Race updates, photos, and a map of everyone’s spot trackers should be available there. . 3) Mongol Derby on Facebook! . 4) @mongolderbylive on Twitter. Last year, this is where I found the majority of updates, but with instagram moving in this year I’m not sure how much activity it will get. Still, better safe than sorry, so hop over there and give that a follow too. . 5) Right here on my @kelseydoesthederby Insta page, and my Facebook page, Kelsey does the Derby! Even though I’ll be out on the steppe with no tech, @paintedbarstables will be stepping (get it? Stepping?) in to run the show so you can all get the latest updates! . So that’s it from me for now guys! I’m about to get on an airplane! Training begins on August 4th and the race kicks off on August 7th. I’ll see you all on the other side! . . . #mongolderby #mongolderby2019 #md19 #horselife #everydayequestrian #mongolia #goriding #enduranceriding #endurance #flx #fingerlakes #horsesofinstagram #equestrianadventuresses #followme #raceupdates #kelseydoesthederby #thisisit #shitjustgotreal #internationaltravel

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