SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Horse Hoof Abscesses

If you’re struggling with preventing or treating abscesses in your horses, this SmartPak video can shed some light on the topic.

If you’ve had horses for very long, you’ve most likely dealt with the dreaded hoof abscess. You understand the frustration that can come with a horse that is prone to them due to wet conditions, thin soles or other health issues that make abscesses more common. Even if it’s a horse that is normally sound, when the abscess does pop up (or out, as the case may be), the days of wrapping, treating, hoping for soundness and conversations with the vet and farrier can wear you down.

Understanding what causes abscesses and how to treat them is a solid step toward minimizing some of your frustration. Thankfully, SmartPak has a wealth of free resources available on their YouTube channel. In this video, SmartPak’s Hoof Health Consultant, Danvers Child, CJF, helps you understand horse hoof abscesses, from signs to treatment.

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