#TGIF, by Flexible Fit Equestrian: Horseback Riding vs. Mountain Biking

If you’ve ever wondered who does it better, horseback riders or mountain bikers, this video will help you decide just that.

For those of you who have partners who are not “horse people,” you feel my pain. My husband is not. a. horse. person. He has sat on the back of a horse once (it wasn’t one of mine) and has interacted with my horses a handful of times… maybe. He much prefers his mountain bikes to my equines. This is especially true during those times when I am dealing with an abscess, a bout of gas colic, or, you know, doing anything that is unique to working with a living, breathing being with a mind of its own.

I don’t begrudge him his mountain biking preference. I just think my hobby is better. Because it is. However, I know he would disagree. And here’s where the rivalry begins. So which is better? Can riding a horse keep up with riding a mountain bike? Can riding a mountain bike keep up with riding a horse?

For this week’s TGIF, we hope to get you excited for the weekend with this video, which combines those two hobbies. Take a look as Danny MacAskill and Louisa Milne Home go head to … wheel (?) on Lindores’s cross country course in central Scotland. Home was riding eventing horse Future Plans and MacAskill was riding his Santa Cruz 5010.

Whether you spend your weekend with your horse or on your mountain bike, just make sure you go riding!

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Happy Friday, Horse Nation. 

Go Flexible Fit Equestrian and go riding!

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