8 Father’s Day Picks for the Horse Dad

Father’s Day is nearly here. Do you know what you’re getting for the horse dad in your life?


With Father’s Day fast approaching, many are left scrambling for the perfect gift. For equestrians, this can be quite the conundrum. If you’re shopping for a dad who rides, what do you buy for a man in an industry dominated by women? Surely the Swarovski laden browband isn’t quite what he had in mind (unless it is). And for the dad who guides (you know the one – he spends countless hours driving to and from horse shows, holding your horses, cheering you on as you make your way through the show ring, and giving you a leg up when you need it), how do you make his visit in the equestrian world more comfortable and satisfying?

Here are our picks for all the horse dads out there.

For the dad who rides:

1. Perfect Polos.   Draper Therapies Equine Perfect Polo Wraps. We liked these polos yesterday, and we like them even more today. They offer the protection and therapeutic support that you expect from your polos, but they’re also non-slip and completely machine washable. Since they’re 65% Celliant and 35% polyester, they won’t pill like fleece polos, which leaves them looking crisp and polished with very little effort. What could be better? Oh, right. They’re made with Draper Therapies’ patented Celliant technology, which has been clinically proven to reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and regulate body temperature. If you’re looking for something unique that the horse dad will appreciate, these are it.

2. A sheepskin seat cover. Does the horse dad in your life spend long miles out on the trail and hours in the saddle? If so, the Merino Sheepskin Western Seat Cover may be the gift for him. It stays in place with cantle elastic and a T-strap, and it’s adjustable attachments can be rigged to the D-rings, horn, or swell. The 1″ thick wool top provides comfort, and the natural leather backing grips the seat. More importantly the natural insulation allows for airflow in the summer and warmth in the winter, making sure that your horse dad’s – ahem – seat is just right.

3. A really good pair of socks. I really believe that a good pair of socks and their value as a quality gift are highly underrated. This is especially obvious when you’re riding and your socks keep sliding down into your boots (this is a pet peeve of mine). The solution? The Noble Outfitters Best Dang Tall Boot Socks. They’re lightweight. They’re breathable. They keep your feet from sweating. They provide compression under the arch. And they won’t fall down. This is an asset I cannot stress enough.

4. Topical pain relief. Let’s be honest. We’re equestrians. Dads who ride are equestrians. We all know that none of us would pass a PPE to save our lives. We have aching joints, arthritis, inflammation, and any other number of ailments that are the hidden costs of a passion for horses. One way to help ease the burden of those aches and pains is NuvoCool Sport Therapy Gel. This is an all-natural gel that provides immediate relief for bruises, sore muscles, arthritis, and joint pain. We use liniment on our horses to ease their pain; it’s the least we can do for our horse dads.

For the dad who guides:

5. A quality folding chair. If your horse dad is less of a rider and more of an observer, a high quality, comfortable folding chair is a must. How else can you expect him to cheer you on throughout those long show weekends? The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair may just be the answer. Although it’s probably a bit much for the average camper, it’s perfect for the horse dad who has to spend long hours watching competitors in the arena. The heavy padding provides comfort and the 800-pound weight limit boasts a durability that may even survive the rigors of belonging to a horse family.

6. A solid travel cooler. Just as the dad that guides needs to sit in comfort, he also needs to have easy access to cool beverages as the sun beats down on the show ring. The YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler provides just that. It’s easy to haul, 100% leak proof, and exceedingly durable. It’ll keep beverages cold and last to see another day and another show.

7. Insulated BottleKeeper. What goes better with a high-tech portable cooler than an insulated 12 oz. bottle thermos? Nothing that’s what. This BottleKeeper keeps beverages colder for longer. When the show day is done, the dad who guides needs something to keep his drinks cold while he helps pick up the debris from the day. Bonus: the lid is a bottle opener. I think I’m ordering one now (no, really).

8. Shade. A lot of shadeYou may not be able to provide round-the-clock ideal weather, but you can give your horse dad some protection from the elements. The easy-to-maneuver and stable Coleman Canopy Tent provides both shade from the sun and protection from humidity. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and quick to setup. In combination with the the comfortable chair and travel cooler, your horse dad will be set to cheer you on as you make your way into the ring.

No matter whether your horse dad is one who rides or one who guides, make his day special. Happy Father’s Day and go riding!




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