5 Post Horse Show Rituals You Need to Adopt NOW, Presented by Draper Therapies

Here are 5 post horse show rituals that will keep you refreshed and excited to get back in the saddle for the next round.

Funny because it’s true.

Finding a way to come down after a long day in the show ring can be just as important as preparing for an upcoming show. Doing so can help avoid burning out and can provide much needed relief at the end of an arduous and exhausting, albeit fun, weekend or day. We all make sure to take care of our horses first. We feed, bathe, brush down, massage, and do any number of things to make sure that our equine pals are fit, sound, and comfortable, often forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves as well.

Here are five great ways to wind down after a show:

1. Change your shoes. One of the best feelings is taking off your boots and putting on something that is more comfortable and offers enough support to give your arches and shins a break. Many people prefer their sneakers or even their flip-flops, but I enjoy my Roper driving loafers. When I know I have a long drive home – or even a short one – ahead of me, very little can compare to putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. Just walking around the show grounds in boots can leave me limping for days; the right pair of post-show shoes can alleviate that issue.

2. Refuel. No, not your truck (although, sometimes that, too). Getting something filling to eat and drink at the end of a show day is one way to leave yourself rejuvenated, refreshed, and looking forward to the next event. This is even better if it’s with a group of friends with whom you can rehash the day’s events. My friends and I always go for Mexican food (and we make sure to scout out the nearest restaurants if we’re far away from home), but any cuisine will do.

3. Change into something comfortable. To be able to truly breathe, getting out of your breeches or jeans is necessary. Whether you’re socializing with your friends at their trailers, lounging on the couch, or ready to curl up in bed, these Draper Pajama Pants are a perfect choice. Not only are they comfortable, but also they can help ease your sore muscles. They utilize Celliant technology that turns radiant body heat into infrared energy to help you heal.

4. Unhook the Trailer. This may seem obvious and trivial, but nothing gives me a greater sigh of relief than driving away from the barn unladen by a trailer. I enjoy spending the day with my horses as much as anyone, but I seldom realize the tension I feel while hauling until I pull away at the end of the day and heave a deep sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that I don’t need to check my break controller during the drive ahead.

5. Massage those muscles. I often finish a day or a weekend on a horse feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck (even when I think I’m in good riding shape). Make a point to treat your muscles right (after all, without them you would not be able to ride your horse!). Stretch them out and get them massaged. A relaxing massage or some time on a hydrobed (yes, this is a thing, and you need it in your life) is a sure-fire way to help you recover.

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