SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Love of the Senior Horse

SmartPak fans love their senior horses. As part of the celebration of the senior horse, SmartPak created a Super Senior horse contest, and the stories that poured in were heartwarming. Here is a small sample of some of the SmartPak staff’s favorite entries!

Senior horses hold a special place in their owners’ hearts. As our SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Then. Now. Always can attest, the stories and photos of the SmartPak staff with their senior partners will tug at your heartstrings and leave you reaching for a box of tissues. However, the touching stories don’t stop there. As part of their Super Senior horse contest, SmartPak had their fans send in their favorite stories about their senior horses:

The love of the senior horse extends beyond our affinity for them and into the unique care they need to keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable. Caring for senior horses requires careful attention to their body conditions, joint health, gut health, metabolic issues, and much more. To help horse owners make the right decisions for their senior horses, SmartPak has built the Senior Horse Resource Center, which provides a wealth of information on senior horse care. These informational articles and videos are available for free so that you can be knowledgeable as you make decisions for the health of your senior horse.

SmartPak’s Senior Horse Resource Center also features Senior Horse Success Stories so that you can see what other senior horses have accomplished. These heartwarming success stories will definitely increase you love for the senior horse.

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