Kentucky Performance Products ‘Oh Crap’ Monday

The Preakness Stakes loose horse edition.

Monday is already the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official. Here’s our latest “oh crap” moment… Preakness Stakes edition.

Thirteen horses and thirteen jockeys loaded into the starting gate for the 2019 Preakness Stakes on Saturday, and thirteen horses and twelve jockeys contended the race.

Wait, what??

Yep — Bodexpress managed to launch poor John Velazquez high into the air with a combination rear/launch/bronco maneuver right out of the gate, and promptly motored off with the rest of the field, falling into the rear of the pack on the outside. He cruised the entire mile and three-sixteenths, evaded capture in the homestretch, and then reportedly continued to evade outriders for another full lap around Pimlico.

Watch the 9 horse right at the start:

Huge kudos to the outriders, especially Kaymarie Kreidel and her OTTB pony horse Witch Hunt, who eventually captured Bodexpress. This could have turned into an ugly scene with the loose horse barrelling through the track as horses and people were crossing at the conclusion of the Preakness, but fortunately, everyone emerged unscathed.

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Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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