Kentucky Performance Products: Why Choose Equi-Jewel?

Just what IS stabilized rice bran?

Equi-Jewel® was developed by Kentucky Performance Products, LLC to safely meet the energy needs of today’s horses. It reduces the risk of digestive upset and supports optimal muscle function, while providing the calories your horse needs to thrive.

Stabilized rice bran supplies a highly digestible and safe form of calories to the diet.

The fat found in rice bran is an extraordinary source of dietary energy. In fact, fat contains more than two times the energy that carbohydrates and proteins do, thereby fueling horses more efficiently. Fat is considered a “cool” feedstuff because it does not cause the hormone spikes that lead to excitability. Adding stabilized rice bran to your horse’s diet allows you to decrease the amount of starchy concentrates (grains) you feed, reducing the risk of colic and laminitis resulting from grain overload. It is an excellent source of energy for horses struggling with RER (tying up) and PSSM.

  • Equi-Jewel’s all-natural ingredients are high in fat and fiber.
  • Equi-Jewel has a balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, which means you don’t have to worry about mineral imbalances.
  • Equi-Jewel’s unique stabilization process ensures freshness.

When to use Equi-Jewel:

Equi-Jewel has a high-fat, low-starch formula designed to increase the energy density of a ration by adding calories. It is intended to help maintain weight on hard-to-keep horses and horses with elevated energy demands, such as intensely worked equine athletes, broodmares in early lactation, and growing horses. For horses requiring low starch/sugar diets, Equi-Jewel is an excellent source of calories.

Research shows that when fat is utilized as an energy source, performance horses have more stamina and recover faster from intense exercise. Growing horses have been noted to have a decrease in developmental bone disease. The essential fatty acids contained in Equi-Jewel contribute to healthy skin and a gleaming coat in all horses. The fat in Equi-Jewel is highly digestible and efficiently utilized.

Equi-Jewel is recommended for:

  • Performance horses and show horses of all disciplines
  • Racehorses (Thoroughbred, Standardbred, American Quarter Horse, and others)
  • Hard keepers
  • Senior horses
  • Growing horses
  • Broodmares
  • Stallions
  • Sales horses
  • Horses on restricted diets
  • Horses on low-starch diets

Equi-Jewel contains all-natural ingredients:

Heat-stabilized rice bran

Calcium carbonate (limestone)

Stabilized to ensure maximum freshness.

Rice bran that is heat-stabilized is safer to feed than raw bran. Equi-Jewel undergoes a unique heat stabilization process that ensures its freshness. Unlike some other manufacturers, Kentucky Performance Products does not use chemicals during stabilization. Instead, the rice bran is subjected to intense heat and pressure that inactivates fat-destroying enzymes. Stabilization eliminates the possibility of rancidity and does not alter the nutritional content of the rice bran.

Feeding instructions:

Feed 1 to 2 pounds daily with current ration.

Available sizes:

40-lb bag of pellets (40-day supply for 1 horse fed 1 lb per day)

40-lb bag of meal (40-day supply for 1 horse fed 1 lb per day

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