Kentucky Performance Products: What’s Inside the Bag? EndurExtra

What ingredients are hard at work inside your favorite products from Kentucky Performance Products? This week, we’re taking a closer look at EndurExtra, a high-energy fat supplement.

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About Kentucky Performance Products LLC:

Struggling to provide optimal nutrition to your insulin-resistant or PPID horse?

Ask your vet about NutrientWiseTM vitamin and mineral supplement. NutrientWise delivers the nutrients your horse needs without excess sugar, starch or calories.

NutrientWise provides:

  • Chelated trace minerals, which are easily digested and utilized.
  • Essential natural vitamin E and other vitamins in highly bioavailable forms.
  • Yeast cultures that increase digestibility of the entire diet so your horse gets as much nutrition as possible from the feed he eats.
  • NutrientWise is a very palatable alfalfa-based pellet that horses love to eat!

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