Dream Job Alert! Budweiser Clydesdales Are Hiring Again

Yes, it’s real.


If you are a lifelong fan of the Budweiser Clydesdales and have always dreamed of the opportunity to work with the gentle giants of the famous hitch, now is your time! The official job of Clydesdale Handler is posted on the InBev website (the parent company of which Anheuser-Busch is a subsidiary; Anheuser-Busch owns the Budweiser brand).

This opening is for the New Hampshire-based hitch in Merrimack and was posted earlier this week on November 26. The job is full-time and permanent, and does involve up to 340 days a year traveling on the road! While many readers would likely volunteer for such an opportunity, the job does pay over $25 an hour.

Here are the details from the posting:

  • All horse & Dalmatian husbandry related responsibilities.
  • Support hitching and showing of Clydesdale 8 horse hitch.
  • Including maintenance of harness, wagon, equipment, and other support related items.
  • Manage log book, trip reports, and other DOT related items.
  • Interact with consumers during work hours communicating Budweiser Clydesdale information and Budweiser quality message.
  • Hold class A CDL.

The job qualifications are listed accordingly:

  • Daily care and maintenance of Clydesdales, Dalmatians, facilities, and all equipment.
  • Ensure every guest, AB employee, and wholesaler receives the best customer experience.
  • Market and promote the Budweiser Clydesdales and Budweiser brand to consumer, field sales, and wholesalers.
  • Drive tractor trailer and other horse hauling equipment to ensure safe and reliable transportation for Clydesdales.
  • Assist with the coordination of specialized animal care Provide urgent care when necessary.
  • Abide by all Safety, DOT, and legal requirements.
  • Able to travel with hitch across the U.S. as needed.

Bonus responsibility: if you happen to land this job and found out about it here on Horse Nation, we are applying a finder’s fee of blogging for us about this experience, because #YOLO.

The last time such an opportunity arose in April of 2016, people started sending their job applications to us. While we’re extremely flattered, we have absolutely nothing to do with Anheuser-Busch hiring, we don’t forward your application on to their HR and we don’t know any additional details other than what’s posted online. So if you’re thinking of applying, please visit the job posting and direct all inquiries to Anheuser-Busch!

If this is the dream job you’ve always wanted, go throw your hat in the ring. Opportunity knocks.

Go driving!

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