‘What’s That On Your Feet?’: My Responses to Non-Equestrians Asking About My Spurs

Yeah, I know I could sit them down and explain the real reason we use spurs, but this is just so much more fun.

Photo by Kristen Kovatch

I use spurs. To me, they’re a tool. I much rather ask with my spurs than have to kick with my heels into my horse’s ribs to get a response. I actually think my horse LIKES to be spurred, otherwise he’d move off my legs. And I’ve used my spurs on myself to see really how painful they are (no, not that way, you sicko) — it feels more like a deep tissue massage than anything that inflicts pain. It probably helps that my spurs are dull and have no sharp points that could draw blood without a Riverdance leg flailing session.

This being said, the general public is always amazed when I walk into an establishment that doesn’t see many “cowboys.

Here are some of the responses I’ve said in regards to my spurs.

Lady at the gas station: I like your spurs!
Me: Thanks, so does my boyfriend!

Lady at Walmart: Isn’t it cruel you use spurs on your horse?!
Me: I look down at my feet, look back up at her and reply “I don’t have any horses.” And give her a big wink.

Guy at grocery store standing behind me in line at checkout: What are those things on your boots?
Me: It’s to keep people from hitting the back of my feet with the grocery cart.

Another lady at another gas station: Ooh! I like your spurs!
Me: Thanks! So does my horse!

Random girl: What are those things on your boots?
Me: I don’t know, they came with the boots I found in the dumpster.

Another random girl: Spurs are cruel! I feel so sorry for your horse.
Me: Oh, don’t worry, he’s into S&M. I don’t like wearing them either, but he insists.

Another random girl: Horses don’t need spurs.
Me: Oh, I just wear them to look cool. How do I look?

Random guy: What are those things on your boots?
Me: The original fidget spinner.

Go riding.

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