Girl Picks Out Horse’s Hooves… What She Does Next Will Surprise You


It’s a just normal day for Sarah, 23 year old lifelong resident of Toledo, Ohio. Sarah always goes to the barn before work to check on her beloved Fancy. Fancy is a mare she rescued two years ago.

“I saw Fancy advertised on Facebook. She was in a kill pen, headed to slaughter and I know I had to jump in and rescue her! Something about that shiny red colored coat and her glaring eyes, told me she’s the one for me! I set up a GoFundMe account and managed to raise $2000¬†for Fancy’s bail (thanks, mom!) Fancy was supposedly broke to ride and pull a wagon, but when I got her home she seemed to have forgotten all she was taught and responded to me like a feral beast. The past two years I’ve been spending time reading to her and feeding her treats, so she learns to accept me as boss. It SURE has been a learning process. We’ve made a lot of progress, and she now lets me pick out her feet, with only trying to kick at me if I do something wrong.”

Fancy has been battling a case of thrush. With the very rainy summer and now muddy autumn, thrush is very hard to prevent. Thrush is a bacterial infection in the hooves, that gives off a very distinct odor — similar to a rotting corpse with a bad case of diarrhea.

Sarah has been extra careful in keeping Fancy’s feet clean from more contamination. “I stop at the barn during my lunch break so I can treat Fancy’s hooves three times a day to get ahead of this nastiness. I make sure to get her feet extra clean and dry before I apply all the medicines used to treat her hooves. There’s no such thing as being too clean when it comes to infections. After getting done, treating her feet, I give her a couple treats. And scarf down a sandwich before I head back to work.”

When asked why she doesn’t wash her hands before eating her sandwich, Sarah replied back with a bewildered look on her face “well, I never thought of that. I’m so pressed for time, plus, really, what’s a little bit of manure and thrush under my fingernails going to do? I’m sure it could never do as much damage as the last time I had lunch at that discount barbecue place. I should have thought twice about going there. It seemed dirty, and was right next to an animal hospital, but for $5.99, all you can eat, it was hard to turn down.”

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