Things That REALLY Scare Equestrians

Who said anything about ghosts and goblins? This is the real stuff of nightmares.

Haunted houses, ghosts, goblins and serial killers are nowhere are scary as this stuff.

1. Arriving at work and realizing you left the water on.

2. Getting a call at 2am from the barn manager.

3. Your horse ripped off his shoe… along with half of his hoof.

4. Going to muck out your horse’s stall and finding nothing to muck.

5. Watching your significant other/mother/father/child being thrown from the horse you just bought for them… on Craigslist.

6. Waiting on test/x-ray results and cringing when the vet says “well, I have good news…and bad news.”

7. Not having enough money for board/shoes/hay this month.

8. Having your kid go on a trail ride… and the horse comes home without the kid.

9.  The thought of never being able to ride again.

Don’t be scared, Horse Nation. Go riding!

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