Riding With People You Know You’ll Never See Again

A collection of vignettes.


I love to ride, and I love meeting people to ride with. I have my normal group of friends that join me, and they know how I ride and yet they still ride with me (I love you guys). Occasionally, however, I’ll get someone to join that I know I’ll never hear from again.

Here are a few indicators that folks probably won’t be back for a second ride:

Me: We’re riding in Cold Creek on Sunday; meet time 9 am.
Random rider I’ll never see again, on Sunday: What is this? Is this water???? My horse is afraid of water!! I didn’t know there was going to be a water crossing on this trail!!!
Me: Um… I did say we’re riding in Cold “Creek.” It IS called Cold Creek for a reason…

Random rider that I’ll never see again: My horse is barefoot, I didn’t know the trail was going to be rocky.
Me: Is there any place in the whole state of Nevada that isn’t rocky? Why don’t you use those boots you have tied onto your saddle?
Random Rider: Those boots are way too expensive to use unless I really need them.
Me: *smh*

Me: Ride this Sunday, park at the house, breakfast at 9 am.
Random rider: Um, my trailer won’t fit at your house.
Me: Well, you have been here before with said trailer and it fit then, so did your trailer grow since the last time I saw you or do you not like driving it down our road?
(I mean, our house is here and it had to travel down this road, and the house is 55 feet long…)

Random rider (who has been making fun of my mule the whole ride, saying things to her horse like “don’t be a stubborn dumb ass, we’ve already got one of those on the ride): My horse won’t cross water.
Me: Would you like me to get your horse to cross, and you can ride my mule?
RR: Yes please!
Me: *gets horse to cross*
RR: Can you just ride my horse the rest of the ride and I can ride your mule?
Me: No.

Me: We’re riding this sun, it’s going to be a long ride and it’s going to be hot out.
Random Rider: *shows up to ride, bareback, without saddle bags or water, or a hat to block out the sun.*
Random Rider: *turns back after the first half mile*

Go riding.

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