Actual Claims Made by Equestrians About Coconut Oil & Turmeric

We wish we were joking.

Turmeric. Pixabay/cgdsro/CC

Throughout the years of history there have been many salesmen trying to peddle their unique blend of “snake oil” that can fix a variety of ailments. In the 21st century, the modern man has came up with the newest blend: coconut oil and turmeric. (While coconut oil and turmeric do have their tons of evidence-based holistic, therapeutic benefits, neither of them is a miracle cure for everything, as some on the internet might have you believe.)

Here are all the absurd things I’ve actually heard about coconut oil and turmeric, where horses are concerned:
  • Blending the two and applying it to the hooves will stop any signs of founder
  • Adding coconut oil and turmeric to your horse’s grain will fix a buddy/barn sour horse
  • Coconut oil and turmeric will cure Cushing’s disease
  • Turmeric will get rid of ticks, worms, and other internal and external parasites
  • Turmeric will clear up eye infections if applied directly into the eye (please don’t do this)
  • Coconut oil can be used as sunscreen
  • Coconut oil will remove cancer from the body, especially when blended with turmeric
  • Coconut oil and turmeric will stop a horse from cribbing if mixed into their feed.
  • Coconut oil and turmeric will automatically get you blue ribbons from the judge (okay, okay — this one I made up)

Sure, this stuff might help with other equine problems — we’ll let you do your own research and decide — but please don’t fall for these ridiculous claims. Save your money for something else that’s guaranteed to work, like essential oils…

In all seriousness, for horse health-related questions, please consult a veterinarian before you consult the internet.

Go riding!

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