Kentucky Performance Products Video: What Horses Need Extra Vitamins?

How do you know when your horse needs extra vitamins and minerals? Kentucky Performance Products has a helpful video with a quick overview.

Article written by KPP staff.

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About Kentucky Performance Products: Are you managing a horse with EPM, Lyme disease, or some other neurological disorder? Do you have performance horses that seem unwilling to engage and are muscle-sore after work? Are you treating a horse or foal that is deficient in vitamin E and you need to get their levels up fast?

Ask your vet if Elevate® W.S. can help. 

Elevate W.S. has a unique formula with the most bioavailable source of natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) on the market today. Developed to increase circulating blood levels quickly (within 3 days), Elevate W.S. has become the product of choice for veterinarians managing horses and foals with neurological and muscular disorders, low vitamin E levels, compromised immune response, or poor fertility rates.

The natural vitamin E in Elevate W.S. has undergone state-of-the-art processing that converts it to a water-soluble molecule, which is absorbed more efficiently. When administered, Elevate W.S. will quickly increase circulating blood levels of vitamin E.

Elevate W.S. vitamin E is readily available and effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, which makes it helpful in the management of neurologically challenged horses.

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