Kentucky Performance Products: Getting the Vitamins & Minerals Needed From Grain

“My horse eats some grain but not as much as the manufacturer recommends. Is he still getting the vitamins and minerals he needs?” Kentucky Performance Products has the answer to this frequently-asked question.

If you are not feeding the recommended amount of a certain feed, your horse may not be getting all the nourishment he or she needs. Fortified concentrates contain appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals, when fed at the recommended levels, but some ponies and horses become overweight when fed these calorie-rich concentrates (textured or pelleted feeds). When owners cut back to reduce the energy they are feeding, they also cut back on the vitamins and trace minerals their horse or pony is getting. If concentrates are not fed at recommended levels, the addition of a supplement like Micro-Phase can fill in the gaps and help to satisfy the horses’ or ponies’ vitamin and trace mineral requirements, without adding the extra unwanted calories to a ration.

About Kentucky Performance Products, LLC: InsulinWiseTM

Is your horse currently suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin dysregulation?

Do you have a horse that is at risk for developing insulin resistance, or a horse with Cushing’s (PPID) that may become insulin resistant?

Ask your vet about InsulinWise™.


  • Maintains lower blood insulin levels, a marker of increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces body weight.
  • Supports a decreased risk of laminitis in insulin-resistant horses.
  • Sustains normal insulin regulation, reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance in the future.

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