Thursday Video: The Pony Spa

We joke about taking our horses to the spa when they get a thorough bath or alternative therapy… but Emma Massingale’s ponies just had a legitimate spa day. Don’t miss this video.

“Spa day!” we exclaim gleefully when our horses get a nice thorough bath, maybe with some Vetrolin liniment mixed in, or else go for a saltwater treatment or PEMF or an equine solarium or acupuncture or one of many alternative therapies designed to make our horses feel their absolute best.

We’re pretty sure that Emma Massingale is the first person to ever create a real spa, complete with soothing music, for her ponies.

In this video, watch as Albert and Ernie are treated to hair styling, mani/pedis, facial masks, a hot stone massage and of course a little dip in the hot tub. (We’re still trying to figure out exactly how the pony got IN the hot tub, but we’re content just knowing that he’s in there.)

Spa Day with Albert and Ernie!

The ponies have been nagging me for ages to have a Spa Day! (Best with the sound on!) NAF Mole Valley Farmers Equestrian Mole Valley Farmers Horseware @Dengie Horse Feeds Cavallo Hoof Boots Ariat Europe

Posted by Emma Massingale on Friday, June 29, 2018

Emma Massingale is known as one of the best liberty trainers in the world, constantly pushing the envelope for what is possible with her horses in a stress-free environment. Catch some of her past work here:

Go riding!

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