Kentucky Performance Products: Equine Dentistry

Why is dentistry so important for the overall health of your horse? Equine Guelph explains, courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products.

Photo by Kristen Kovatch

Article re-posted with kind permission by Equine Guelph:

The average horse chews about 60,000 bites per day! Not surprisingly, the mouth plays a very important role in a horse’s overall health. Lack of dental care can lead to number of problems, including colic, weight loss and issues under saddle. While horses don’t need to brush their teeth daily, your veterinarian should examine your horse’s teeth every six months to a year. Horses that are young, elderly or have a history of dental problems may need their teeth checked more frequently. Click here to read more.

About Kentucky Performance Products, LLC: InsulinWiseTM

Is your horse currently suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin dysregulation?

Do you have a horse that is at risk for developing insulin resistance, or a horse with Cushing’s (PPID) that may become insulin resistant?

Ask your vet about InsulinWise™.


  • Maintains lower blood insulin levels, a marker of increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces body weight.
  • Supports a decreased risk of laminitis in insulin-resistant horses.
  • Sustains normal insulin regulation, reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance in the future.

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