9 Kind of Gross Things Equestrians Are Totally Used To

Welcome to the life.


Horse life has its own intricacies that are often lost on the general public. That includes the great moments, like a long canter down your favorite trail or achieving your goal in the show ring, and that also includes a few things that are just plain gross. Or at least, they would be gross if we were “normal” people.

1. Thrushy hooves.

That smell you get when you combine manure+moisture+hoof. I don’t care how good you hoof keeping practices are, you will one day encounter that smell, and you’ll never forget it. Chances are, however, you won’t gag at it after the first time.

2. The bean.

And no, we’re not talking about coffee or Mexican food. This is the reason why people still own mares.

3. Summer sores.

Unfortunately flies do not discriminate and eventually if you own horses long enough, you or someone you know will have a horse who will get a summer sore. These are no fun for the horse… especially if they’re on their nether regions. Really fun to explain to your non-riding friends.

4. Manure.

Horse people don’t even miss a beat when they smell that green gold. I really think we’re becoming immune to the smell. Unfortunately, the rest of the population hasn’t learned to adapt.

5. Flies and worms.

Yuck and yuck… to most folks. Just another day at the office to us.

6. Poop, mud, unknown sprays or horse sweat getting on your hands.

Admit it… you didn’t wash your hands after the barn before eating, at least once in your life.

7. Waking up super early for stuff we PAY for.

Okay, there’s a big difference between waking up for work and getting paid, and waking up for horse shows/vet visits/the farrier… and paying THEM.

8. Super tight riding clothes.

We have horses: this means we would rather the horse carry us then have to expend calories hiking around. This also means that to some of us, tight pants are not that flattering.

9. Horses giving birth.

We think it’s so cute — the miracle of life, those wobbly legs! — but show the average Joe a slimy newborn and a sack of wet placenta, and I can guarantee “cute” is the last thing on his mind.

Embrace your weird. Go riding!

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