#TBT: 10 Professional-Level Skills the Equestrian Has Developed

Even if you’re preserving your amateur status.


We might not have won any ribbons or been paid to train any horses, but we equestrians are skilled professionals.

Here are 10 things we’re capable of, that the general public is not:

1. We can load 10 bales of hay into a tractor bucket that is only designed for 8 bales.

2. We have 5 different ways to get a horse to poop before we call a vet for assistance.

3. Hay in our bra doesn’t slow us down.

4. A female equestrian can lift her weight in hay if she has to.

5.  We have adapted to living in a dirty house…as long as the barn is clean.

6. Our noses have evolved to sniff out mold and pinpoint it exactly in a bale of hay.

7. We know the exact nutritional value of each flake of hay that we feed and can correctly estimate a horse’s weight within 50lbs.

8. We have learned to live like a bum while our horses live like royalty, all on a minimum wage paycheck.

9. Skilled equestrians have adapted to not just survive, but thrive on ramen noodles.

10. Broken bones can’t even get us to tear up, unless it happens to our horse.

Go riding.

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