5 Groupon Deals Equestrians Would Love to See

If only…

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Groupon is an awesome app to score killer deals. According to the company’s marketing materials, Groupon allows you to save money on the things you already do anyway. If only that were actually true for equestrians…

Here are five Groupon deals Horse Nation wants to see:

1. Two for one farrier visit.

$80 for 8 feet. Must be used at same barn. Offer valid for one household; must not be used more than once every 6 weeks.

2. Friday float special

Farm call fee waived. Performed by licensed vet, all drugs administered free on the first visit. Calm and gentle approach to make a life long relationship with your horse.

3. Farm sitter bargain

Buy one day, get six for free. Gentle, patient former crazy cat lady. I will treat your horse like my own, and will spend the night in the stall, free of charge. If your horse needs to see the vet, I will call you before jumping to conclusions and making decisions irrationally.

4. Rent a truck and trailer with living quarters

We will match any offer, even if it’s for an economy sized car rental on Enterprise. We honor AARP and USRider members with an extra 10% off.

5. Colic surgery guaranteed or money back

Did your horse colic and now you’re faced with euthanizing him since you can’t afford the surgery? For $1000 we will cover all surgery costs and hospital stays. Any complications from surgery will be covered, and if in the slim chance your hose doesn’t recover, we will replace your horse with a horse with similar color and training, free of charge. While we won’t be able to replace your best friend, we WILL soften the blow.

Ah well, we can dream. Go riding!

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