10 Things I’ve Learned From Working Around Equines

Lots of life lessons…


Over the years horses and mules have taught me a lot. Here are ten things I’ve learned.

1. Wet mule smells worse than wet dog. Approx 10-15 times worse, because fact: they’re bigger than dogs.

2. If you take a new pair of boots through a muddy corral, you’ll never be able to get that smell out. You can wash them and spray them with deodorant all you want, but it won’t work.

3. There are two main seasons around horses: fly season and no-fly season.

4. It’s normally the calm, gentle looking horses that do the most damage when they throw you off guard. The crazy ones keep you on your toes so you have time to make split-second actions.

5. The free ones ALWAYS end up costing the most in the long run. Therefore…

6. There is no such thing as a free horse, even if you didn’t pay a dime for it.

7. A new truck costs more than a house in half of the United States.

8. No matter how much a man/woman that doesn’t have horses tells you he/she likes horses…when it comes down to doing “cowboy stuff” the only thing they’ll like to do is ride.

9. Everyone you meet has ridden in the past. No one will consider themselves a beginner unless they own horses.

10. If you call yourself a trainer, you probably aren’t one.

Stay humble. Go riding!

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