17 Random Things Readers’ Horses Spook At

Horses are ridiculous animals.

On Tuesday, we introduced a list of 11 random things that Kristen Kovatch’s horses had spooked at, and wanted to know what random objects or scenarios YOUR horses found terrifying… especially if they weren’t terrifying objects at all.

All we can say, Horse Nation, is that your horses are a silly bunch. And we love them even more for it.

1. His/her own shadow. (Natalie Reed, AJ Burfield, Adelle Niebur, Chresta Cannon Haygood, Trinity Hussman, Adrianna Roehl, Jen Zee, Beth Erdmann)

2. Butterflies (Emma Beitz, Kate Arsenault)

3. His/her own fart (Emily Bernstein, Evi Graham Sinisalo, Ellen Starsong, Shelby Reynolds, Adrianna Roehl, Jean Connoyer, Jen Zee)

4. Rider fart (look, everyone farts, so we’re not even going to name names)

5. Llamas (Deb Valois Verhaeghe)

6. A French bulldog (all other breeds are fine!) (Kimberly Horman)

7. A tree where a limb had been recently sawed off (Sondra Dubbs)

8. The feed pan he knocked over (Alison K Ortman)

9. His water being more full than he thought (Masha Yi)

10. This mural (Krystal Shyne)

Photo by Krystal Shyne

11. A pile of dirt (Victoria Zeiher)

12. The mounting block (Samantha Condit)

13. Someone moving the mounting block (Wesley Schroeder)

14. Ferns (Caitlin Last, Lynn Howland)

15. The dry line of dirt under the horse after sprinkling the arena (Melissa Oldenburg)

16. Poles/jumps just worked over (Annie Elizabeth Aquino, Adelle Niebur)

17. The absolutely empty corner of the arena (Shannon Donohue)

Hang on tight, Horse Nation. And go riding!

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