Just Some Eye Candy of Chris Hemsworth Riding

It’s Tuesday and we thought you deserved a little treat. You’re welcome.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Chris Hemsworth stars in 12 Strong, a cinematic retelling of the incredible true story, now declassified, of the Special Forces group that was deployed to Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 and their battle charge on horseback. As it turns out Hemsworth, like his (fictionalized) character Mitch Nelson, was already a fairly proficient rider before the film was shot. (Recall Snow White & the Huntsman.)

Yep, this is all very nice. But even better than this movie still? Real life Hemsworth with a real life horse.

Next time we’ll get the win…

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“Next time we’ll get the win?” What does that mean? Is this man now taking up showing in his spare time?

No, he’s referring to sprint-racing his talented equestrian wife, model/actress Elsa Pataky. You go, girl.

OH, that’s what he meant. What a power couple.

“Okay, cool, Horse Nation, we want news about real riders and not these boring celebrities doing fancy stuff in their fancy free time, they don’t even ride that well, blah blah –”

Look, we promise it’s worth it.

#wranglerslife thanks @cristianprieto.filmmaker for the photo

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Okay, now you can go.

Thanks to Alex Scott for the tip! Go riding.

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