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Winter sounds best with a sleigh bell accompaniment!

If you’re not able to go dashing through the snow while astride a horse, here’s the next best thing: riding along behind this fancy stepper on a lovely snowy trek through the Norwegian woods. We can’t tell what kind of vehicle we’re riding in, but we’re sure it’s probably a pretty little sleigh, perfect for maneuvering in and out of the trees!

Instagram | @lone_simonsen_

#EquestrianLifestyle | PegaseBuzz Et si ce n'était pas ça le bonheur finalement ?by Amatørfotograf Lone Simonsen in Norway.

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Thursday, January 4, 2018

We love the sound of those big brass bells! They’re a true old-school sleigh bell — if you want to learn more, we recommend our exhaustive history of sleigh bells for a bit of light morning reading.

Go driving!

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