Video: Anything You Can Do…

Because watching people in T. Rex suits attempting impossible feats never, ever gets old.

Yes, we’ve seen T. Rex ride a Paso Fino; we’ve seen him (or her) ride a hunter/jumper… but the true test of a good T. Rex is his ability to horseless horse show. You know what I’m talking about — every barn kid has done this at some point in their life and tried to jump the jumps like their favorite horses. Don’t try to deny it.

But yeah, it’s way funnier when you’re strapped into an inflatable dinosaur suit.

Anything you can do I can do…almost ????Ramsay Equine Select

Posted by Ralph The Rex on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Yeah, okay, so anything you can do, the T. Rex probably cannot do better. But it’s pretty darn funny to see him try.

Happy Friday, Horse Nation! Go riding!

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