#TBT: 11 Truths Every Rodeo Has In Common

Been to one, been to them all?


I went to the local rodeo this past weekend that was in conjunction with the yearly Fall Festival. I love going to these things. I love the lights of the arena, the greasy funnel cakes and artery-clogging food, people watching and the smell of all the livestock. I did realize that no matter what rodeo I go to, they all have distinct similarities. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. A woman always sings the national anthem, and no matter how good or how horribly out of tune it is, it will always give you goosebumps. You’ll be proud and thankful that you’re so lucky to live in America, especially after reading the news every day.

2. The announcer sounds the same at every rodeo. It’s like the same guy must be able to teleport and go to every rodeo, every waking moment all over the country.

3. Rodeo welcomes all walks of life, but they’ll always say a prayer at the beginning. Even if you’re a non-believer, you might be inclined to say a prayer that night after you see how happy and brave these people are, even as they’re climbing on the back of an 1800-pound bull.

5. The clown will always do some crazy dance or tell a corny joke that will make you laugh way too hard.

6. Some cowboy will always get bucked off and get hurt. The crowd will be sitting in suspense; the medical crew will run out with a stretcher and the cowboy will eventually get up off the ground and limp out of the arena on his own two feet. The crowd will go crazy with applause and relief.

7. The bull fighters might just be the bravest, most athletic people there.

8. Beer and drinks will cost way too much money. You’ll think to yourself if you walked in here with a case of beer you could make enough money to go rodeo yourself.

9. The parking lot will be full of every make and model of truck you can find. You’ll be hard pressed to find too many cars in the parking lot.

10. There’s always going to be one calf roper that is a little overweight and his pants hang a little too low, but he’ll be faster and more accurate than all the other ropers.

11. If you own a horse, you’ll always be wondering just how he would handle the rodeo environment with all the lights, noise, music, flags and crowd…

Go riding!

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