#TBT: People vs. Horse People

There are people… and then there are horse people.

Photo by Kristen Kovatch

There are people, and then there are horse people. What’s the difference, you ask? Here are 12 ways to know if you’re a horse person (in case the horse in your barn wasn’t enough of an indicator).

1. A horse person’s car will always have hidden pieces of hay and horse hair in it, no matter how clean it is. Regular people will get in your car and feel dirty.

2. Horse people will have a manure fork and wet wipes hidden somewhere in their truck. Regular people will store things in their cars like mints, flares and bottled water.

3. Regular people want a fuel efficient car; horse people don’t care what their vehicle gets per mile as long as it can haul a ton of hay, a saddle and their dog and pull a trailer.

4. Regular people go to the mall and movies on the weekends; horse people go to the barn and horse shows.

5. Regular people sleep in on the weekends; horse people get up at the crack of dawn so they can spend more time in the saddle.

6. Regular people tend not to mind Daylight Savings Time. Horse people have considered moving to a state that doesn’t acknowledge Daylight Savings Time exists.

7. Horse people are shocked when regular people throw out their apple core.

8. Regular people buy jeans and don’t even know what inseams are. Horse people want flat inseams so they’re not rubbed raw while riding.

9. Horse people have dirty houses. Why clean when you can ride?

10. When regular people step in horse crap, they freak out. When horse people step in it, or get it on themselves, they just brush it off without even considering walking back into the house to wash up.

11. Horse women buy no-bounce bras and secretly wish they were flat. Regular women buy bras that are covered in lace and make your boobs look bigger.

12. Horse people wash their hands before they go to the bathroom.

Go riding.

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