World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Crash Landing

Calling all amateur drone pilots: if you need a good reason to not crash your drone into a field of horses, look no further.

Drones are one of those things that either make equestrians really excited to see what kind of cool video they managed to capture or really ticked off that your weird neighbor is spying on your property and spooking your animals again. If you happen to fall into the latter camp, fear not — because this pasture of horses just exacted a little karmic revenge on this would-be drone pilot, evening the score if you’ve been on the bad end of a drone flyby.

It starts innocently enough — we get a quick glimpse of some well-manicured pasture, a tidy white fence, a few horses grazing — we see them so quickly it’s hard to tell what kind of farm exactly that we’re looking at, but we’re going to guess it might be a breeding operation — and then all of a sudden that ground starts coming up awfully quickly.

And for every horse that’s spooked by a drone, there’s another one willing to literally put his nose into it.

We’re glad the camera kept rolling for that entire exchange.

Want more horses vs. crashed drone footage? We recommend this video. And of course, there are plenty of great scenic drone cams available right here on Horse Nation as well.

Go riding!

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