Wednesday Helmet Cam, Presented by World Equestrian Brands: Crashed Drone vs. Herd of Horses

When a wayward drone cam crash-lands in the middle of a field full of wild horses, the curious equines can’t help but investigate the “strange UFO” that landed nearby — and the camera just keeps rolling.


Not exactly a helmet cam, but the story that goes with this drone cam is just too hilarious not to share!

For the uninitiated, the sort of drone we’re talking about here is a high-tech, ultra-evolved version of the remote-controlled model planes or RC helicopters of yesteryear. These “toys” fly at speeds of up to 32 feet per second and boast a range of bells and whistles including GPS navigation and camera mounts. Oh, and the price tag! The one featured in this video, a DJI Phantom Quadcopter fitted with a Zenmuse Gimbal and GoPro Hero3 camera, likely cost upwards of $1,500.


So this guy is out flying his Quadcopter and, for lack of a better word, he loses it. He later admits to pilot error: He hadn’t engaged the GPS or the failsafe “Return to Home” feature that turns the drone around and autopilots it home should the controller lose orientation. To make matters worse, he panicked and basically just started mashing buttons. Now a mile away from home, the drone eventually crash-lands in a field full of wild horses who are at first suspicious and then highly intrigued by the alien spacecraft that has landed in their field.

But this is the great part, the guy explains: “The onboard GoPro Hero3 kept recording throughout the flight, the landing and then shows the mischievous visitors my Phantom had all while I was endlessly searching the surrounding fields.”

From $1,500 state-of-the-art gadget to horsey chew toy… this is the recovered footage:

Horses will be horses.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!



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