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Our cowboy hats are off to Diana Royer and her mule Cosima for this ranch riding performance at Germany’s Americana show!

While western riding has long been a distinctly American way form of equestrianism, having evolved in the American west to allow cowboys a comfortable and efficient way to cover long miles to care for their stock, there’s been a recent western renaissance in Europe: reining in particular is experiencing a surge of popularity in Europe, leading the way for other disciplines including ranch riding. (And Europe is putting its own stamp on the discipline as well — who can forget that delightful video of horse and dog trail?)

Perhaps the best place to see Europe’s western athletes perform is at Americana in Augsburg, Germany, which is taking place right now: featuring not only its World Cups in reining, cutting and reined cow horse, Americana also features plenty of classes during the day for western enthusiasts as well as demonstrations, shopping and of course a country-western saloon.

This particular performance from Americana really knocked our socks off: we introduce Diana Royer and her five-year-old mule Cosima, competing in the open ranch riding:

Posted by Five-Star-Ranch, Bad Sassendorf on Monday, September 4, 2017

That is a finely-broke mule we’d love to own. Royer and Cossima eventually placed 29th out of 36 competitors, finishing with a score of 135.0.

We love seeing western riding thrive in Germany, and can’t wait to see where the discipline goes next!

Thanks to Carly Wilcox for the tip!

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