Photo Challenge (Part II): Happy Horses

Just Keep Smiling!

We had so many fabulous entries for this week’s photo challenge that a second part was absolutely mandatory. Yesterday, we showed you 20 horses who thoroughly “enjoyed” their dental experience (and hopefully took two aspirin and a big glass of water that night before bed) and today, it’s all about flashing those pearly whites. Or greens. Or whatever. Ergo, here’s 16┬ásmiling horses coming atcha!

“Anytime treats come around, Sakari gets her Elvis lip going!” Photo by Amber Williams.

“Atlas enjoying the little things in life.” Photo by Audrey Anderson

“Bela and her horse Hula. I said ‘cheese!’ and this is what Hula did!” Photo by Hollie Page.

“He loves making weird faces and yawns a lot after rides!” Photo by Addie Terasov

Photo by Jennifer Palmer

“Joe.” Photo by Karlena Franz.

“Mr. Personality, aka Leo.” Photo by Hannah Croteau.

“My husband’s horse King Midas smiling for us!” Photo by Jojo Van Ginkel.

“Tucker was always smiling for pictures!” Photo by Courtney Richmond.

“This is Cash. If you look closely you can see he’s missing a tooth – I call him Bocephus when he shows off his gap!” Photo by Michelle Burt.

“This is a photo I took of my horse Gryff doing his best Gryffindor lion roar!” Photo by Kasey Walker

“The new treats for training get approval” Photo by Riley Parks

“Speck’s smile can be rather terrifying” Photo by North Falls Farm

“One of the very pampered ponies at Chateau de Chantilly in France.” Photo by Nissa Sjoberg.

“One of my favorites of my old horse.” Photo by Victoria Gomez

“My mare Wednesday!” Photo by Kim Litz


Posted by Justine Rose on Monday, July 24, 2017

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