Photo Challenge: 20 Dental Adventures (Part 1)

A lot of cheap dates in this group.

The magnificent, majestic beast that is the horse. They look off into the distance as if they can hear the call of centuries of kings. They are the Earth’s noblest creatures …. until you get them fully schnockered for that ever-important dental appointment.

Here are 20 horses getting their drink on and getting those teeth fixed up right and proper!

(Note: If you submitted a smiling photo, stay tuned! We’re running a collection of grinning ponies Friday!)  

‎Posted by Tori Reid on‎ יום שני 24 יולי 2017

“My big gelding getting his first dental at Desert Valley Equine.” Video by Tori Reid

“Misaligned incisors – The owner didn’t even know. Had a vet do him and he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get it even. Then noticed the symphsis was off center.” Photo by Margaret Curtis

“My best friend’s horse, JD.” Photo by Blake Grimwood, submitted by Hailey Longstreth

My gal Val. That cap wasn’t quite ready to come out yet in this photo, but a few days later I popped it out myself. She is a trip.” Photo by Laura Cazares

My old horse Morgan! I took this and several more very awkward photos of the poor guy.” Photo by Bri Ambrosic

“No cavities for this 19-year-old! He loves Dr. Meacham.” Photo by Catherine Godin

“Peanut likes to put all his weight into the sling. The drugs may hae something to do with that.” Photo by Megan Kay Borgeling

“My poor drugged up horse. Got a wolf tooth removed in addition to a float.” Photo by Shawna Bowin

“Super cheap date! My 5-year-old gelding getting ready to say ‘ahhhhh.'” Photo by Lissy Zukowski

“The drunk effect.” Photo by Kim Reese

“This is Zach post-teeth floating. ‘I think I’ll just take a nap…. right here…” Photo by Amber Brockhaus

“This was right after having her teeth floated. Showing some appreciation to our vet for her pearly whites.” Photo by Danielle Keating

“We can never miss the opportunity to take a humiliating float pic…poor horses.” Photo by Marian Marlin

“Butters gets trailered to the local horse hospital each year to have her teeth done. She is not a good patient and needs the stocks to ensure everyone’s safety!” Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Dr, Tony Wolfe Equine Services using a power float on a friend’s horse. It was the first time I’d seen that equipment used. Photo by Elsa Hale

“Her sweetness Miss Kodi. Perfect patient and teeth in excellent condition. Photo by Kaisa Soini

I am a dental provider and this is me working on a senior mare. My mom was able to go with me that day and captured the photo. Photo submitted by Savannah Brisco.

“Ian Lewis, my equine dentist, giving my horses their annual check-up.” Photo by Linda Lee McClellan

“I’d say the tranquilizer had kicked in by this point.” Photo by Jenna Stauder

“Majestic.” Photo by Margreta Wenzloff Flach


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