Tuesday Video: Tristan the Wonder Horse Returns

And this time, there are props.

Tristan the Wonder Horse first blew up the horsey internet in February of 2015, when his rider Kelley Shetter-Ruiz of Carpe Diem Training shared an impressive video with one of the most intricate layouts of poles we’ve ever seen — it takes Kelley about half an hour just to set one of these pole courses up!

Tristan and Kelley have gone on to produce many more pole videos, demonstrating various patterns and layouts — Kelley recommends that any interested riders should make sure their horse is well-schooled on basic pole setups first and to make sure that the layout is correctly strided to avoid injury or incident.

This latest pole video, however, takes Tristan in a whole new direction: working through some distractions. How did he do? See for yourself:

Pool noodles, umbrellas, no problem. That giant inflatable spider (with the MOVING HEAD) terrifies even me, so good work, Tristan the Wonder Horse.

Go riding!

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