Tuesday Video From Dubarry: Tristan the Wonder Horse Loves Cavaletti

The layout of these poles, which resembles a game of Pick-up Sticks, is almost as impressive as the horse himself.

Kelley Shetter-Ruiz of Carpe Diem Training and her horse Tristan have become Internet famous for this video, titled ‘Tristan the Wonder Horse:’

Tristan is one cool dude–considering how many poles he’s contending with, it’s pretty impressive that he only has a tick or two in the entire minute and a half. Wonder Horse, indeed–but we think Kelley deserves a little credit too just for setting all of that up! Kelley reports that she usually just eyeballs the pattern and paces off 4 1/2-foot striding; the entire thing usually takes her about half an hour to set up. Her original intention was not to become a cavaletti celebrity but simply to try to keep her winter work entertaining for herself and Tristan. We think she’s succeeded–and she put up a second video to show just how versatile the setup (and Tristan!) can be:

Feel inspired? Check out this video for a demonstration of some more mind-blowing ground pole work, or set up some trail obstacles in the your ring to improve your jumping.

Go Kelley and Tristan–and go riding!


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